Single Builds In- Depth Plans and Profits

DM and PPC Single are the core startup templates to build a plan to create sales with all the relevant information that determine the P&L.

The pages printout in size 11 X 8 1/2. The full page you see below is DM Single. The difference between DM and PPC is how responses are generated. DM response drivers are circulations, advertising costs and response rates. PPC response drivers are cost per click maximum bid and maximum amount of total spend in a time period (day, week, month, etc.)

After responses are received, DM an PPC share a common driver: The percent of responses that are “Qualified Sold and Shipped”.

The remaining drivers that determine profitability are the same for both DM and PPC.

This is also true for Groups and Multi templates. Aside from how responses are generated, the remaining profit key drivers are the same.

In the DM Plan below, the sections above the bold horizontal line are the key driver inputs. The sections below are the calculations. If any number is changed in the inputs, it immediately flows through to the results. This  is one benefit why MPP is so valuable as a “what-if” tool.

DM Single Template from

The second page of DM Single is the analytics page that tells the Response Rate Required to acheive Income levels of Breakeven (0%), 10%, 20%, and 30%.

The Response Variance Analysis section calculates Sales and Net Income at the Plan response rate and also at Plan less 10%, less 20%, plus 10%, and plus 20%. This range of response rates and results helps assess risk and reward if results do not come in as planned.

DM Single Analytics