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Users of Marketing Profit Plans MPP create direct mail plans using a number of strategies. These strategies can vary from simple one-time promotions to complete multistep sequences of events. The DM Multi template, for example, can contain up to 15 separate direct mail plans that link together. Or DM Multi can start with a Pay Per Click plan and then extend to direct mail, email, phone in any combination. 

A great printer who can print and mail from data files is essential to managing these type of campaigns. We researched and compiled this curated list of great sources for direct mail printing and mailing to assist MPP users. We started evaluation based on our years of managing complex campaigns. However, the landscape on web-based printing and variable printing equipment can change quickly as technology advances. So, this list will change as the landscape changes.

List Organization

Most sources fall into one of two categories: those that do Automated Mail and those that do not. Then within the automated category, some provide automated exclusively meaning they do not do ala carte print and mail, as stand alone, one order at a time, processing. Others offer automated and standalone ordering.

Many sources provide EDDM,  the UPSP Every Door Direct Mail service based on local carrier routes. These fall into two types: those that provide the targeting and selecting routes as part of the ordering process, and those that do not. Some of these printers can enter mailings at a Business Mail Entry Unit where a permit is held for processing. For printers that do not provide list targeting, customers use the USPS targeting website and the printer ships the EDDM mailers to the customer to take to a local post office. We note printers not providing EDDM service.

Most printer/mailers provide common products and services as follows:

  • Multiple Print Formats like postcards, brochures, self-mailers.
  • Templates to create art by adding copy to the design, templates for desktop design software, custom design help, and portals to upload art files.
  • List address cleaning (CASS) on list uploads.
  • Rental list assistance.
  • Free kits of product samples, paper samples and information. This will be noted for each company that does this.

Printers that provide Canada, UK, and/or international mail service are noted.

In the listings below, we do not repeat the common to all information, but highlight when a source varies from the common products and services. We also make note of special services or abilities that make a source standout.

Recommended Best Sources

We do not rank this list in any order. We list sources specializing in Automated Mail only towards the end.

The list will change as sources change and evolve.

Modern Postcard

Modern may have started with simple postcards, but they now provide multiple data, list services and marketing programs. They append added characteristics to your list to serve better targeting and profile your customer list to find matching type prospects. The website is full of knowledge and examples design practices, direct mail methods, calculators, and more.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 800-959-8365



Click2Mail has one of the most extensive web site selections of products and services.

EDDM: the ordering tool is easy to use for route selection, and multiple mail formats are offered with three options to complete the order. We Prep + Mail, We Prep, You Mail, You Prep + Mail.

Multiple formats of mail include all the normal plus Certified Mail, Priority Mail, and others.

Automation Mail is available in multiple formats. Automation Mail uses an Application Programming Interface to connect anything to anything . Variable data / mail merge is also supported.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 866-665-2787


Printing For Less

Printing for Less provides extensive automation but requires in-person contact to learn details.

Four EDDM mailing print templates are available. The order form process allows you to select the postal routes for EDDM delivery. PFL ships you the printed cards, which you must deliver to the post office.

Printing for Less partners with This sustainability software automates environmental offsets, global certified reforestation and carbon offsets for businesses who rely on paper and fiber-based materials.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 800-924-3135


Conquest Graphics

Conquest Graphics provides multiple industry specific marketing programs as well as all forms of print and mail. Conquest has a simple to use order mechanism to set specifications, order and include mailing services.

Advanced direct mail solutions including Proximity Mailing, Drive Time Mailing, Mailbox Retargeting, EDDM, and more for precise, targeted marketing experiences.

Conquest also provides customized portals for companies to use in distribution of their graphic materials to customer, employees, and others.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 800-707-9903


Xpressdocs /Amazingmail

Xpress provides automated systems print and mail and ala carte service printing and mailing.

You can upload your own designs or select from their library of templates. There are approximately 25 templates for various industries such as real estate, medical & health care, professional services, and more.

Variable data personalization is also available.

Formats also offer an option for mailing segments and international mail.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 888-682-1214


Postcard Mania

Postcard Manie provides multiple product formats including flyers, brochures and others. Close to 100 industry specific design templates are available.

Multiple mailings in a timed sequence are supported.

An API provides marketing automations into the Postcard Mania print system plus links through Zapier from multiple CRM systems.

EDDM size mailers are available, but there is no direct connection to mapping and calculating postage costs.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 877-437-9452


PS Print

PS Print provides full design templates and a large number of printed products.  PS Print is a division of Deluxe Corp and prints from three locations: Illinois, New Jersey and Utah.

EDDM postcards are available in 6 sizes. No route selection tool or cost calculator is provided.

No variable data personalization or Automated systems are available.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 800-511-2009 


Smart Press

The Smartpress direct mail category offers cards and envelopes, newsletters, booklets, postcards, self-mailers, and letter/envelope mailers of four types. This is the broadest selection of all sources we analyzed.

Postcards come in twelve sizes at a 500 minimum. Printing in Full Color and Black. Two coating options on each side. Variable Data Personalization with text and/or images.

Templates are available for every postcard format and templates for mailing lists and variable data personalization.

EDDM and Automated mailing are not provided.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone. 888-934-6909.


Next Day Flyers

EDDM postcards are available. There was no circulation targeting tool.

There is an online design option that offers multiple design styles that can be personalized with your unique copy text. Graphic files you have prepared can be uploaded also.

If you need assistance in sourcing rental lists, help is offered at the phone number below.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 855-898-9870


Print Place

EDDM Postcards are available in six sizes. There is no circulation targeting tool.

Templates in multiple formats are available for all direct mail pieces.

Print Place displays and extensive equipment list.

Phone 877-405-3949


48 Hour Print

48 Hour Print offers an extensive selection of print and mail products, Postcards are in seven sizes available. There are multiple list options: upload your own and rent residential or commercial lists.

Design templates are available for all products. Design Online is a software app that lets you create art (with illustration graphics) online.

EDDM Postcards are available in four sizes. There is no on-line route selection tool.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 800-844-0599



Stannp provides letters, postcards and self-mailers through an online integrated platform that does all things. Creates art (or lets you upload your own file), accepts your csv mailing list file, and then produces and mails.

You can add variable data to the mail piece for personalization. Managing your customers on the Stannp data platform, you can set up trigger campaigns based on dates or other data.

You can process directly from the Stannp website, or remotely through the API integration, Zapier, or Webhooks.

International service is available through the Stannp UK operation, which services United Kingdom and other international countries. This is especially useful for companies with international customers but no easy connection to mail them.

Phone 888-321-2148 


Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail provides EDDM service has a particularly good online tool to select the areas to which you want to deliver postcards. The tool integrates with the order form, adds circulation, and calculates price as you click off delivery areas. Additionally, if your quantity is nearing a threshold where adding more circulation will lower piece costs, the tool will suggest it. This can yield “more for less.”

Postcards are available in 5 sizes. Thirty-three on-line design templates are available for stock designs where you add lettering to personalize. You can upload your pre-designed artwork.

Three design options are offered when ordering: Free In-House design templates (and work with the in-house designs at no charge), Custom Design from scratch with the in-house design team, upload your own digital design files.

Phone 800-481-1656


Grow Mail

Grow Mail is a specialist at EDDM, Electronic Delivery Direct Mail. The site is a self-service operation to select the geography for distribution and place your order for printing.

Multiple size postcards are available – including jumbo – and multiple design templates to use for various business types. You can also upload custom artwork.

A tool is available for selecting target zones and calculating postage costs.

Grow Mail provides API connection for Zapier, Marketo, Sales Force and QuickBooks to automate direct mail from customer’s data files directly into the Grow Mail production pipeline.

Noteworthy is GrowMail’s calculations to improving response and the relationship between print cost and postage cost. In larger print sizes, postage cost does not go up when paper size increases and print cost does not increase. This means the cost per square inch of visibility actually decreases on larger sizes.

A fundamental fact of direct mail is that response rates increase as mailer size goes up because it allows more room for stronger and more impactful creative. Buyers should note this carefully in designing the creative on EDDM mailing pieces.

Phone 844-222-4769 



Got Print

Got Print provides multiple print/direct mail services including packages. Packages contain custom design services, targeted mailing lists, postage, and mailing.

Got Print is the only firm on this list which openly displays its equipment list, which happen is impressive. Pride in equipment and the printing craft is one of the hallmarks of a quality printer.

Got Print has three US and one international location.

Got Print EDDM service is two ways.

Option one is Full Service and provides a built-in targeting tool to select postal routes, determine cost and select postcard size. Then Got Print completes everything and sends postcards to the delivering post office.

Option Two is if you decide you’d like to take care of the paperwork, bundling and delivery to the Post Office yourself, You then have two options to choose from:

BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) or Retail. If you have a postage permit, please follow the instructions for EDDM® (BMEU). With this option, postage prices are $0.202, and you may deliver more than 5,000 mailers per Post Office per day.

However, if you do not have a postage permit, you may follow the instructions for Retail, which allows up to 5,000 mailers per Post Office per day, and postage is $0.203.

Free product sample kit is available.

Phone 877-922-7374


iti Direct Mail

iti creates specialized mailing programs for realtors, insurance, the mortgage industry and others. They produce some unusual products for direct mail. An example is yellow lined tablet type paper with simulated hand written messages, folded in envelopes and mailed. Others are mail merged envelopes and letters and hand addressed (simulated by type font) envelopes.

Variable data and personalization is available.

These formats are apropos for getting attention versus traditional mailer programs.

EDDM Service has two ways. With Full Service iti prints, pays postage and ships the cards to the local post office. With Print & Bundled, the print and ship cards to you to take to the post office and pay postage.

Phone 866-558-6365



Postable specializes in printing and mailing personalized cards. The fonts used to personalize look very hand written so the impact is high. Many card topics are social, like weddings, etc. Business topics are available like Thank You, New Home Anniversary, or Employee Appreciation.

The order startup process is easy and customer comments complement it.

Cards and envelopes are printed, inserted and postage is applied. Real stamps are used so the finished product is very personal.

Phone Not Listed



Postgrid is a different kind of print and mail service. Postgrid provides automation software through an API that connects to multiple printer/mailer sources all over the US and Internationally.

The international feature is important and extensive.

One side of the API connects to your CRM, like Salesforce, Zapier Direct Mail, Stripe Direct Mail, HubSpot QuickBooks, Microsoft and many others. Within your side of this connection, you can print and mail postcards, letters in envelopes, checks, and other mailers.

As a supplemental step you can also verify postal addresses to verify, validate, standardize (USPS Cass), auto complete, and cleanse addresses in real-time across 245+ countries and territories worldwide.

Pricing: Normally we do not list or comment on pricing. All sources listed are competitive. We list this information because it is unusual.

Address Verification Service

Essential for startups or websites with limited address verification needs includes 2,000 lookups per month plus $0.02 per additional lookup.

Business for those needing more includes 10,000 lookups per month and $0.01 per additional lookup.

Print & Mail Pricing

Starter for test and startups, is $0 /month plus $0.92 per letter, $0.80 per postcard and $1.06 per check. Limits are 500 Monthly Mailings, Up To 50 Checks per month, 1 User, 10 Templates, Standard Print Delivery Network and Mail Tracking.

Higher Levels require “Talk to Sales” through web form.

Contact is through Chat Form on web.




Postalytics connection system is an API to integrate from the user CRM and other side to print and mail sources.

Automatic tracking of every piece of mail comes from the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode system. Each barcode can be associated back to contacts to sync the delivery data back to the CRM system.

Postalytics provides US and Canadien postal service.

Postalytics has a Free Plan for starters with one (1) User and no limits on usage. Each piece mailed has a per piece cost.

The Marketers Plan for one (1) User and a few features plus lower per piece mailed lower costs at $199. Per month.

The Pro & Agency Plans provide unlimited Users, more features and an even lower prices per piece mailed.

Phone Not Listed



Lob is a provider of automated direct mail programs. Rather than selling ala carte print projects, Lob operates only on a monthly plan at different volume levels. Startup plan is $260 per month and supports 3 users, 10 HTML templates and 3,000 monthly mailings. This does not include printing and postage, which starts at $0.545 per postcard. Growth plan increases to 5 users, 25 HTLM templates, 6,000 monthly mailings at $550 per month. Printing and postage additional. There are larger, more customized plans.

A developer plan free to test and pilot the system is for 1 developer, 10 HTML templates and up to 500 monthly mailings.

Postcard, letter, and check forms are available. Both campaigns (batch mailings at one time) and triggered by programming mailings are standard. The Lob automations and API connect to a customer’s CRM system and opens marketing automation and much customization of the print on demand network.

Nonprofit organizations should contact

Contact is by webform.

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