Multi is the Swiss-Army Knife of marketing planning templates!

Multi marketing planning template can plan any scenario!

  • Campaigns with up to 15 segments.
  • Series of related plans like tests, test and rolls all with differerent timing or other parameters.
  • Inquiry and conversion programs.
  • Multiple step strategies, like complex multi-step funnels.
  • Monthly summary plans. Annual plans. 3-year plans
  • Much, much, more.

Multi can create 1 to 15 separate plans, each with detail like Single and show results for each individually and with a  combined 3-year Income Statement and Cash Flow. This information is the core of a business plan, which MPP is perfect for creating.

When you Print or Save to PDF, the template then creates separate pages for the plans and combined Income Statement 3- year summary and Cash Flow for all plans.

The pdf’s are shown below.

DM Multi 1
DM Multi w arrow
PPC Multi 2