The essential fast start fields to calculate sales.

Not all fields are necessary to create a first draft prelimininary or fast plan.

Some fields, like Plan Number, Description, Group Number, Product SKU, are descriptive and are not needed. They can be left blank.

Not all cost inputs are needed to calculate Sales and Income, as some cost factors might not apply. For example, if your product has no packaging cost that field can be left empty. Only the product Sell Price and Product Cost are needed.

The other essential fields needed to create Sales and an Income Statement are the fields that drive orders and conversions. They are different for DM plans and PPC plans.

The specific fields that are needed are shown below and numbered for Direct Marketing and Pay Per Click Single Plans.

DM Single Plan

DM Single Required Fields

Pay Per Click Single Plan

The five fields to create a basic Income Statement Calculation are identified.

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Quick Start

Quick Start Guide Overview Marketing Profit Plans (MPP) is a versatile toolkit of Excel templates to build marketing plans focused on bottom line profits. Plans are created for two types of marketing: Web Pay Per Click known as PPC Direct Marketing: Direct mail, space advertising or special event programs. Plans can be setup three ways for both DM and PPC: A single advertisement A series or combination of up to 15 single plans A plan of up to 199 segments with product and operational parameters all the same but each segment having...

First Plan I – Input Overview

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Catalog or Multi Product Offers

Planning catalogs or multi product offers. MPP Single templates only use one input for Product Sell Price and Cost. (Other product related inputs are Packaging (that holds the product and can be fancy or plain), Warehousing-Packing-Shipping, and Distribution (UPS, Fedex, USPS). The approach to use for multi-product offers – or catalogs is as follows: Analyze Previous Sales Analyze sales with a view towards the 80/20 theory to identify best sellers. The 80/20 theory, also known as the Pareto principle, states that for many outcomes,...