Stop losing money on Pay-Per-Clicks
or any advertising without a plan including a P&L result

Marketing Profit Plan creates plans for Pay Per Click, Email, Direct Mail …. ads, campaigns, business plans and more. Plans all include the key metrics that determine sales and Profit & Loss Statement.

Plans build quickly, easily, and accurately everytime! 
Plus Marketing Profit Plan is very affordable!

Marketing Profit Plan (MPP) Excel templates use the 23 key-driver inputs that determine if the plan will be successful. Advertising, product, operational costs. Forecast and every other metric relevant to sales results and a P&L is included.

MPP is for any type of marketing effort: single ads, complex multi-step strategies, funnels, campaign groups with up to 199 keywords or codes, space advertising and more. 

Digital marketing today continually creates new campaigns, measures and analyzes results, and then starts another new campaign. Over and over again. MPP is simple to operate and allows one person to build hundreds of campaigns easily, quickly, and accurately. 

MPP is for:

  • Marketing Directors to plan ads, campaigns, or an entire year.

  • Entrepreneurs to manage from startup to success.

  • CEOs to explore new ventures or operational changes.

  • Amazon, Shopify, and similar platform sellers to improve profits.  

MPP has special analytics and insights to improve campaign profits in the planning stage.

Common PPC marketing measures like “Clicks, ROAS, and ROI are too simple and incomplete to guide marketing profitability. Because every MPP plan includes the resulting Profit and Loss Statement, you will build more profitable plans. See the Guidance post “The Secret to Advertising Profit Control.”

The DM analytics section creates key indexes to help evaluate risk and reward.

Response Required at Different Income Levels indexes show plan results at breakeven (0% Income) and Income levels at 10%, 20% and 30%. This gives you a range of positive upsides.

Response Variance Analysis shows you the Income results at plan, downside 10% and 20% and upside 10% and 20%.

MPP shows Advertising to Sales ratios and Income to Sales ratios. Using these two factors together is a key tool in controlling profit. No other marketing planning software is like MPP or has this capability built in.


Campaign P&L”

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240312 Income Statement


The plan Income Statement section with financial details and P&L.

MPP offers a Trial Plan. To order a regular version or the trial, go to the bottom of this page!

MPP analytics create valuable insights. MPP plans assure all components affecting profit are included.

“Tell me your customer acquisition cost!”

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ABC Shark Tank investor personalities always ask deal seekers about the cost to get new customers.

MPP automatically calculates New Customer Acquisitiion Cost. If deal  seekers used Marketing Profit Plan to create their numbers, more deals would happen instead of “You’re dead to me”.

Advertising Net Expense Per Sale translates to New Customer Acquisition cost.

Analytics Per Sale

“Sales are going up but we have no cash?”

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MPP Projects Cash Flow!

Many expenses must be paid before sales start. MPP key timing  drivers calculate estimated cash flows out, flows in and the net.

CashFlow Data

“This idea looks great! Let’s test it quickly!”

One Minute

What-If and Discover New Strategies

Build Higher Sales and Profits

Today’s marketing mantra is “Test! Test! Test!”

MPP is the perfect number cruncher to what-if new strategies. The ease of use and flexibility creates more time to think and quickly see bottom-line results.

“Oh No …… I forgot to include the  ‘!# & % X!’  costs!”

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MPP Always Include Everything!

MPP prevents spreadsheet omissions and mistakes from happening. All key factors that determine sales and profit are included. All calculations are visible and consistent.

“What’s in this number?”

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Eliminate Debates About Numbers

MPP eliminates confusion about what is included in a categoriy or a calculation. All MPP key drivers are visible. The Glossary explains every category and calculation.  No mumbo-jumbo or jargon. No hidden calculations!

Marketing Profit Plan templates build any type of campaign!

MPP workbook and templates are simple, yet comprehensive. There are six planning templates. The three PPC templates and three Direct Marketing templates are different in the advertising key inputs. The other sections and drivers are all the same. The Income Statement information is identical on all six templates.

Within PPC and DM there are three templates: Single, Group, and Multi.

Single is the core template to build a plan, It has all the relevant information plus special analytics.

The Group template is for campaigns. You build a separate external workbook after you select how may rows for key codes you want, from 3 to 199.

Multi is the most versatile template …. the Swiss Army Knife for planning. Multi plans from 1 to 15 Singles individually and totals the results in a combined P&L. It is extremely useful for planning multi-step programs from inquiry to conversion, campaigns by channel (DM or PPC) or type (Amazon vs PPC), time periods (seasonal. annual, quarterly, monthly), customers vs prospecting, or any other grouping. Multi also can be used to construct the annual business plan financial component.


Anyone can master using MPP!

MPP runs on any Microsoft Excel 64 bit version after 2013. When the MPP workbook opens, the Excel ribbon and the Excel complexity are hidden. This makes MPP simple and easy to use. Anyone can be planning right away without trying to figure out Excel’s controls. 

All MPP calculations are protected so you do not have to worry about breaking anything. Only the key driver input fields are open for input. MPP does not store new plan sheets. Every time you open MPP, it starts with a clean slate. 

Plans are printed, saved to PDF, or with Group templates made into a separate standalone workbooks.

The Quick Start guide comes in the software download to setup right away.

Order now!  You will be creating plans in just a few minutes.


Marketing Profit Plan
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Marketing Profit Plan
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Try MPP Risk Free with our 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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